Gardening in Aruba

March 22, 2021

you can garden every day when you move to Aruba

If you like gardening and growing your vegetables, herbs and fruits, Aruba is a great place for that!

Because we are located on the equatorial line, Aruba doesn't have seasons, but endless summer, making it perfect to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits, all year long.

Just keep in mind that between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm the temperature rises and it is not the best time to work in your garden.

Aruba doesn't have any industrial farming, for that reason, you will see more insects, than in other places. It is a relief to know the island is not using pesticides in large quantities!

You will also notice the iguanas and lizards looking for new leaves and flowers, so not all the fruits and vegetables will grow, you will be sharing your garden with them. We don't mind though! Our garden produces enough to share and we prefer to have an organic garden and not hurting the fauna around us.

You cannot buy live worms on Aruba, but if you buy the worm cast and keep it long enough in a dark place, you will be surprised to find new baby worms in the bag. 

We try not to use any chemicals in the garden, not even for fertilizers. 
We use homemade compost and worm cast, those won't burn the roots or contaminate the garden.

Aruba's tropical weather is great for many plants, fruits, herbs, and vegetables. 

Heat and humidity are perfect conditions for beautiful orchids.

Bougainvilleas are the favorite of many people because of the decoration that they give to houses and gardens with their bright colors. 

They attract birds and don't require a lot of water, which makes them easy to maintain, especially in Aruba where it doesn't rain much.

Most houses on Aruba will have Orchids, Aloe vera, Lemon, and Mango trees.

Tamarijn, soursop, papaya, coconut, cashew are not in every house, but they are also very common in Aruba.

Everyone that has a vegetable garden will have tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis, eggplants, squashes, pumpkins, oregano, mint, lemongrass, and of course, basil or "yerba di hole" in Papiamento 


How to move your plants in Aruba

Once you start harvesting, there will be enough for friends and family, and you'll notice that you didn't have to fumigate or kill any living creature to reap what you sow!

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