Go Green, pay less import duties Aruba

April 21, 2021

Vehicles import duties for Aruba

Even in regards to vehicle import duties, Aruba is on its way to being a greener Island!

Depending on the age and value of the car you want to import, the import duties rates are :
50%/ 40%/ 20%/ “CIF” = Cost of car, Insurance and Freight.

If you become a resident of Aruba, you are entitled to bring a car (which you had in use and possession for more than 6 months)

free of duty.

The exemption is only granted to persons who were not yet considered residents of Aruba.  

Import duties on vehicles are as followed:

AWG 0 - 20,000.00 (CIF)- 30% on CIF value

AWG 20,001.00 (CIF)- 40% on CIF value

AWG 30.0001.00 (CIF)- 50% on CIF value

Unless it’s a hybrid car, which is ONLY 12% on CIF.