Requirements to bring your household goods

and vehicles to Aruba

November 13, 2020

Prepare all documents on time to avoid demurrage charges


-Need a declaration of residence from the Aruba census office.
-DIMAS Aruban Residence permit.
-Everything that you bring in your cargo has to be in your possession and in use for a minimal of 6 months.
-Cars and motorcycles, have to present tax/tittle and insurance from original country, to prove 6 months of use/service.
-From the census, have to request the form that shows the city and country where you are moving from, have to be specific when requesting this document, since it is not standard practice to provide this information
-Have to request a tax ID number, at the Aruba Tax department SIAD
-Inventory list and Value of all house-hold goods and car, motorcycle
-Invoices for new articles/vehicles
-Fill out a petition for duty free import to Aruba, it is in Dutch