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Retiring in Aruba: A Guide to a Seamless and Effortless Transition

Moving to Aruba for retirement can be an exciting adventure. Here are some tips and advice to help you with the process: Moving internationally can be complex, so it's crucial to…

Requirements to rent a house on Aruba

Are you considering renting a house in Aruba? Here are some tips. When searching for a home, you need to consider the location. Do you prefer to be near the beach? It may be more…

Go Green, pay less import duties Aruba

Import duties on vehicles are as followed: AWG 0 - 20,000.00 (CIF)- 30% on CIF value AWG 20,001.00 (CIF)- 40% on CIF value AWG 30.0001.00 (CIF)- 50% on CIF value

Prepare for Moving Day on Aruba

Moving is listed as one of the top stressful situations that a person can experience, but you can plan ahead to make the process as smooth as possible. Divide the tasks into 4…

Gardening in Aruba

Because we are located on the equatorial line, Aruba doesn't have seasons, but endless summer, making it perfect to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits, all year long. Just keep…

Hospitals, Emergency Medical Clinics Pharmacies on Aruba

This hospital has over 172 beds available with different types of patient care divisions for different types of care needed ranging from Intensive to ambulatory care. In the 2…

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