Taking care of your Move and The Environment on Aruba

Yes, it is our responsibility!

It is everyone's problem and together we should all make a difference.  

The normal procedure for most moving companies is to remove boxes and packing material, only on the unpacking date.

We, go the extra mile and return once again to the client's home, if requested, to remove the extra packing material that can result after everything is completely unpacked.

That way, together we can be sure that used boxes, paper, and cartons won't end up in the garbage dump for unnecessary burning.

For Aruba International Relocations, recycling is not an option but an obligation. It is everyone's problem and together we should all make a difference.


The used boxes that are in good condition will be stored for local moves or for clients who are also aware of the importance of recycling.

Whenever a person comes to get these boxes, they are informed of the recycling center and where they should take them after their use, for disposal.  

Please consider the environment before throwing a used box to waste...can you use it again? If not, contact us and we'll recycle it, to avoid unnecessary burning

Are you doing your part?

Paradise Aruba, Let's keep it this way

Aruba International Relocations also recycle all office waste.

We are very proud to have started a program, where we deliver an empty box to several neighbor's offices, and once a week we collect all of them. Taking for recycling a big amount of paper waste that would have gone to trash.